Durabook Knowledge Center

Take advantage of the  special online courses made for Durabook partners.

Learn at your own pace, gain knowledge that can be applied immediately, and earn Durabook’s essential certification upon completion.

40 mins

Partner Certification

Let’s delve into understanding how to combine the Durabook brand’s history and vision, get deeper knowledge of its products and key features, and finally get certified as a Durabook brand ambassador.

Training Course Features

  • Background of the company
  • Company’s key strengths and its core values
  • Durabook innovations and key features
  • Introduction of Durabook rugged product line
  • Advanced product knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Durabook Knowledge Center offer?

The certification offers comprehensive knowledge about Durabook, deeper understanding of its rugged product line, and recognition through the Durabook Partner Certification.

How does the certification benefit partners?

Partners gain a competitive edge with in-depth product knowledge, allowing you to better serve your customers and represent Durabook excellently. This knowledge platform opens the door for you as our valuable partners to foster your growth and success.

Can the certification be renewed or upgraded?

There are no need of any renewals nor upgrades. To better support you, we are continuously working for additional learning materials to provide our partners with advanced certification options.